Music of Spring

Finch plays her piccolo Flicker on percussion Robins join in soprano trills Hummingbird with her metronome Bees buzz in perfect harmony Sparrows round out the symphony in melodious notes Tones and tunes in perfect pitch Notes and measures played on queue All in praise of their maestro, conductor, creator The music of spring returns Pulling … Continue reading Music of Spring

Storybook cream puff clouds Playfully glide across the blue ribbon bay Bouncing off one another Playing hide and seek between the bulges of the islands Fishing trawler motors slowly into the harbor Engine grumbling toward the dock Tangled nets and a multitude of lines Attracting hungry seagulls with the promise of the remains of a … Continue reading

Spring’s Beauty Pageant

First up Early bloomer A real show stopper Last snowfall graces her pretty purple petals Her name is Crocus Hope of winter’s passing - Next up we have Tall and graceful with ruffled lace adorning her yellow head She sways in chilly breezes Often drenched in rain Bright sunny disposition never diminished Her name is … Continue reading Spring’s Beauty Pageant

Sense of Spring

Spring sees the snow capped mountains distant to the sea Spring looks like a beautiful gown of yellow buds on bright green leaves in deeply furrowed fields of daffodils Spring smells like fresh mowed grass and salty air Spring inhales the freshness of the breeze on her puffy clouds Spring tastes like honey and nectar … Continue reading Sense of Spring


Spring blew a kiss into the sky Winter caught it in her winds and blustered Spring sprinkled warm sunlight everywhere Winter tried to hide it with her puffed up clouds Spring poured sweet perfumes of fresh cut grass and daffodil blooms across the valley Winter inhaled and sneezed a cold breeze across her snow drenched … Continue reading KISS OF SPRING

Spring Marching In

Spring marching into a warm afternoon announcing her intentions to stay awhile Hysterical seagulls chuckling and chortling as thy swoop in with a colorful kite circling above Giggling children squealing in high pitched voices chasing one another through the park and sliding down for the hundredth time The warmth of the sun mixing with the … Continue reading Spring Marching In

Let spring win

Lapping waves splash playfully against the sides of boats in the harbor. Gently swaying in the constant current. Flapping wings of a manic duck skipping over the gentle ripples Seagulls in tandem catching wind currents up then down then up again soaring and swooping as they chuckle to each other Islands outlined in misty thin … Continue reading Let spring win

Seasonal Nursery Rhyme

Ring around a rosy moon Pockets full of mittened hands Twilight sky in hues of blackened blues Cold breath creating vapor clouds that drift in the crisp breeze, freezing tear-cicles in my eyes Twinkles of little starlight dance amongst the parted skies revealing remnants of snowmen fading into lawns surrounded by buds longing to burst … Continue reading Seasonal Nursery Rhyme

Gold Medal Winter

Granite clouds drip golden honey sunbeams Sagging barn window fills with with liquid golden sunlight Slate islands form puzzle pieces on the horizon edged in golden ripples Bare poplar giants reach into the golden light as brisk winds blow across fields of untouched, pristine snow reflecting golden shimmers Winter pours out her heart in aching … Continue reading Gold Medal Winter