Pristine Crisp Radiant Perfection Brilliance Winter skies Lingering moonlight Glorious sunrise ascends Crisp Frozen mornings after cloudless night Indescribable Brilliant blue Pristine Mountaintops buried in Brilliant white Hilltops dusted in powdery snow Sunshine radiant, brilliant, bright Setting into perfect arrays of orange-pink-gold Brilliant December ©Belindabotzong2017

Silver Lining

Fine silver veil of first frost glistens on blades of grass - Thin silver-lined clouds stretch across pale sunset sky - Towering silver mountaintops rise high above the hills and valleys - Bright silver full moon pours its harvest light over all the world - Every day has a silver lining - ©belindabotzong2017

Party Time!

Sun rises ever so slowly into palest blue sky with edges tinged in pink - October threw a wild party in the night - Flower petal snowflakes and Maple leaf confetti strewn all around the carpet of green lawn - Daisies wilted to half mast - Hummingbirds chatter across the way and insist on sipping … Continue reading Party Time!

Big Blue Bowls

Big blue bowl Edged in faintest gold and palest pink Sprinkled with glitter Filled with spheres and globes . Big blue bowl Edged in sand and stone and foam Sprinkled with diamonds Filled with fish and whales . Dangling golden night light Held by strands of heavenly string Above, beneath Big blue bowls of sky … Continue reading Big Blue Bowls


Lingering light in the western sky Remnants of a sun drenched day A twinkle appears then dozens Big Dipper suddenly arrives As the twilight sky darkens Heat of the day subsides Surrendering to evening breezes Deepest blue sparkling blanket Nearly full moon rises Lighting the eastern sky Twilight


Dazzled by infinite diamonds My breath is taken Full of wonder My neck grows weary of gazing upward At the plush black velvet moonless backdrop Sky envelopes Starry night Awed by infinite crystals My breath is taken Full of wonder My eyes never grow tired of gazing at the brightest white Sky meets the edge … Continue reading Dazzled 


Falling Sun reflects upon the sea  spreads its fading light Casting shadows  across the hills and islands and valleys  marking the passing of time  Rising Moon reflects the fallen sun  spreads its bright light across the galaxies and constellations  through time and space My mind reflects upon the thoughts that swirl Same sun Same moon … Continue reading Reflections


Variety of ropes and floats surrounded by innumerable items line the harbor stalls, painting a picture in colors and textures of a fisherman's life.  Various boats and ships and yachts surrounded by docks and flowers and innumerable items, painting a picture in colors and textures of a sailors life.  Myriad of sunset hues surrounds the … Continue reading Surrounded

Scenic Skagit Evening 

Crumbling barn windows filled with remnants of fading sunlight  Miles of farmland create an intricate patchwork quilt of furrowed and fallow fields surrounding ripening crops of potatoes and kale, carrots and acres of golden crowned corn.  Lemon slice moon hangs high over a pastel spumoni sunset sky, bathing the valley in a breathtaking array of … Continue reading Scenic Skagit Evening