Sanity Returns

Muddled vision blurred by irrational thoughts and ideas replaced with sparkling Clarity The gears slow to an even rhythm The whirring and whizzing of rapidly changing thoughts reach a steady state Rapid fire words and reactions and emotions ride an even keel of tempered conversations and deep thought Images and frequencies normalize into reality Like … Continue reading Sanity Returns

Waiting For Sanity

Beep Click Voices — strained to cheery Rolling wheels — gurney, wheelchair Doors open then close then open again Medicinal soap A peanut on the floor under the brochure table Brochures about heart attack, stroke, visitor guidelines, a brief guide to involuntary hospitalization, AA Footsteps People coming and going, some hurried and frazzled. Others dragging … Continue reading Waiting For Sanity


It’s that time of year * Rivers of depression rise and flood over their banks Gray torrents of currents Raindrops pour down Colorless To fill the mind with puddles and mud * Clouds fill the thoughts with slate and gray and white and black swirling twirling clouds Chasing one other around the mind Fighting a … Continue reading Seasonal