I Saw Myself

I saw myself today 30 years ago a newlywed In that cabin across the river Where I sat for hours watching the currents sweep over the boulders Time spent with my lover in solitude and adventure with dreams of the future and contented pleasure. I saw myself today 20 years ago a mom of two … Continue reading I Saw Myself

Sanity Returns

Muddled vision blurred by irrational thoughts and ideas replaced with sparkling Clarity The gears slow to an even rhythm The whirring and whizzing of rapidly changing thoughts reach a steady state Rapid fire words and reactions and emotions ride an even keel of tempered conversations and deep thought Images and frequencies normalize into reality Like … Continue reading Sanity Returns

Waiting For Sanity

Beep Click Voices — strained to cheery Rolling wheels — gurney, wheelchair Doors open then close then open again Medicinal soap A peanut on the floor under the brochure table Brochures about heart attack, stroke, visitor guidelines, a brief guide to involuntary hospitalization, AA Footsteps People coming and going, some hurried and frazzled. Others dragging … Continue reading Waiting For Sanity


It’s that time of year * Rivers of depression rise and flood over their banks Gray torrents of currents Raindrops pour down Colorless To fill the mind with puddles and mud * Clouds fill the thoughts with slate and gray and white and black swirling twirling clouds Chasing one other around the mind Fighting a … Continue reading Seasonal