Autumn Musings of a Hummingbird

Perched in the bare branches Hummingbird surveys his territory Singing of days gone by when nectar was plentiful and sun reflected beauty in the garden He watches the squirrel gather her acorns from the nearly bare oak tree then run across the top of the fence to her hiding place He sees the scattered leaves … Continue reading Autumn Musings of a Hummingbird

Watch and See

Hummingbird telegraphs the news from high in the elderberry bush, joined by taps from a little woodpecker Look, It's Autumn!! Watch the willow let her limbs flow freely See the rustling leaves fly across the lawns Watch the snow geese gather in the fields, covered in pure white, trumpeting their arrival See a solitary giant … Continue reading Watch and See


Golden sun raises an eye in the pale faced sky with its cloud shaped cheeks tinged in a blush of pink sunrise. . Morning stillness, coolness, dampness . Little hummingbird shoots straight up like a rocket-- he hovers for a moment before diving straight back down-- putting on the brakes to hover again. He gives … Continue reading Morning

Shifting Winds

Shifting winds fill the golden valley with Diamond Creek forest fire smoke and cools the heat of summer to the crispness of autumn Shifting winds allow a solitary hawk an effortless glide high above the treetops, silently watching the world below for his next conquest Shifting winds swirl her golden hair across her face then … Continue reading Shifting Winds

Playground Birds

Little sparrows use the elderberry bush for a jungle gym, hopping from branch to branch, sassing one another --my turn, my turn! Little hummingbirds race around their imaginary track flying at top speed in a never ending chase, showing off and calling out to one another, catch me if you can! Little robin all alone … Continue reading Playground Birds

Heron Sunset

Blue heron rises to join her mate Along the rocky shoreline Into the disc of setting sun Melting into swirls of pink tinted clouds Above smoky blue islands A bright streak of red and orange and yellow Shimmers across the calm gray salty water


Morning filled with sounds of a dozen kind of wings Birds, bees, dragonflies, butterflies Translucent, blue, red-breasted, feathered Fluttering, flying, flapping, hovering Buzzing, humming, swooping, darting Going about their morning rituals Gathering food, fodder, nectar Before the heat of day Sends them to rest, nest, roost Quietly til evening

Winged Visitors 

Ungraceful flight of brilliant Blue Jay  lifts his wings and rests in oak branches  then jumps from place to place  before continuing on his clumsy flight.  Rolling flight of tiny sparrows  seems to glide over hills of air currents.  They lift their fluttering wings together  and rest on the fence top  then take flight for … Continue reading Winged Visitors 

Birds and Bees

Morning  Sapphire dragon flies join the dance of the hummingbirds quickly turning and twirling and kissing the flowers.  Intoxicating sweet lavender and crocosmia nectar on their tongues allows an uninhibited show of delightful flight.  Hovering  overhead in a call for attention to their impassioned dance through the trees and flowers and into the clear blue … Continue reading Birds and Bees